Meet the true patriots supporting your company through every financial phase.


Our mission is to empower Pro American businesses to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.



At Patriots Payments, we pride ourselves on a foundation built upon unwavering principles that guide our every action. Our values are the client-focused identity that directs us in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transactions and payment processing.

Transparency, loyalty, patriotism, and financial freedom are not just simple concepts for us – they are the pillars upon which we have built a seamless and trustworthy ecosystem for those we serve.

Discover the core values that drive us as we redefine the future of financial transactions and what freedom means to America’s small businesses.

Patriots Payments core values

Dillon Lockhart

Founder and Co-Owner

Rooted in his true American values, Dillon is passionate about working with businesses and brands who operate with integrity and support the ideas of freedom, personal excellence, and hard work.

He joined the payments industry in 2018 and re-branded his initiative to Patriots Payments in 2021 during a time when businesses were unrightfully closing all over the country.

After a decade in business development, he quickly realized his colleagues and clients were unable to merge their patriotic values and everyday transactions within their businesses.

While their brands promised a people-first approach to client care, their payment processors and financial partners added undue stress, operational inefficiency, and in some cases locked the companies into outrageous fees and processing rates.

Dillon set out on a mission to do things better – do things right. His team is committed to simplifying financial operations and transaction technology for companies in any industry at any stage of growth – because it’s the right way to do business.

Dillon and his girlfriend currently reside in North Carolina with their dog, Mara, and cat, Pepper.

Ryan Robbins


In 2023 Ryan joined Patriots Payments to bring unprecedented financial advising and business growth expertise to the team.

Ryan is a sought-after business coach for young entrepreneurs and has helped shape 6 and 7-figure businesses across various sectors all over the country. His love for his family, his country, and his dedication to helping others are the drivers for the success of his top-rated podcast, Fireside America.

Ryan’s background in sales, business development, and financial planning lay his foundational knowledge of efficient business operations and how to help companies
maximize their revenue streams.

Ryan believes down to his core that all families and business owners deserve the American Dream, and he contributes decades of financial know-how and a network of accredited experts to help Patriots Payments customers streamline their operations.

Ryan, his wife, and two young children currently reside in New Jersey where they are deeply involved in their local communities and a support pillar for countless families and small businesses.

Matthew Glowacki

Matthew Glowacki joined Patriots Payments as an experienced member of the Wealth Coordination Consultants team. He specializes in helping clients maximize distribution and accelerate their cash flow.

Matt began his successful career working with individuals and businesses in the telecommunications space, and now specializes in financial strategy and planning with professionalism and expertise that far surpass his clients’ expectations.

Matt is a proud father of 2 and a loving husband who is highly active in his community. Matt resides with his family in Brick, New Jersey where he is passionate about helping small businesses discover their true potential. He enjoys watching and helping his kids in swimming and sailing at Metedeconk River Yacht Club.

Who We Are

We believe that small businesses are the backbone of America. If you have the grit and tenacity to go after what you want, you deserve a partner who’s going to save you money, streamline your accounting, and treat your customers how you treat them – so you can thrive.

Since 2018 we’ve been providing payment processing and business development solutions that simplify your operations. We know that every business has a different starting point and can meet you where you’re at to guide you through making informed decisions that drive momentum and sales.

Above all, we want to see you win. We’re not afraid to say, “make you money.”

Our team doesn’t come from manipulative corporate credit agencies – we come from expert financial planning, business development, sales, marketing, and health & wellness. We understand every lens of your business, not just the numbers, and care about how your customers see you.

We don’t believe in the status quo, government conditioning, or new world standards.

We believe in you.

What We Believe In

At Patriots Payments we remember where our country came from. We honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can have a voice, a home, and opportunities to do business.

We stay true to our roots and work hard to help you achieve your American Dream. We’re passionate about what we do and work with clients who share our ambition.

The businesses we partner with want to:

● Rise to excellence and raise their personal standards
● Protect their business and their community at all costs
● Support military, police, and first responders
● Manage government reach and how their business is taxed
● Embrace their freedom of speech
● Transact with honesty and integrity
● Live life (pursue happiness) to the absolute fullest.

If this sounds like you, it’s time you join our Patriots Payments family.